Rebels and Friends

Rebels and Friends

The story of the first woman elected to the british parliament

Nonsuch Studios


Rebels and Friends tells the story of the first woman elected to the british parliment - Constance Markievicz - and her sister, the trade union organiser Eva Gore ooth. Born in Ireland, they left an indelible mark on the history of both islands.

Constance Markievicz took part in the Easter Rising in Ireland while her sister was in the North West of England organising woman workers to win the right to organise, and for women's sufferage.

After being the first woman elected to the British Parliament and refusing to take her seat, Constance Markievicz joined the first elected Irish Parliament, Dail Eireann, becoming Minster for Labour.

This unique production unite the political and the personal siddes of the sisters' lives in an extraordinarily rich style of production created by William Alderson. The play presents Costances' and Eva's story as if through their eyes and ears.

Combining recorded voices, a wealth of historical images, recordings of Irish harp, songs and fiddle music several of Eva's own poems and choreography from Sian Williams, Rebels and Friends is movingly four dimensional.

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